5 Curiosities About Geometry Dash


You might believe that you are a Geometry Dash expert, but… are you? You have played many times and you have read a lot about your favorite game. However we know some odd data about this popular app you do not know yet. Read on to find out 5 curiosities about Geometry Dash! Haven’t you downloaded it on your tablet or …

Why should I download Geometry Dash?


You have heard talking a lot about this popular game as this has become one of the most popular platform games of our time! However you have not figured out its amazing secrets yet! Are you a great lover of fun and geometry? Then you will love Geometry Dash! Read on to find out all the information you need about …

Geometry Dash: Interesting Features


Of course. We know that you are already a great fan of Geometry Dash. You play every time you can and you really enjoy this funny app. Do you want to learn further information about your favorite game ever? Read on to find interesting facts about Geometry Dash! Don’t you have this amazing game on your phone or your tablet …

5 reasons to download Geometry Dash


Are you a great fan of amusement? Are you looking for a funny game? Would you like to have fun and stop wasting your time? Geometry Dash is the app you are looking for! Are you ready to challenge the awesome world of colors and geometry of Geometry Dash? Here you have 5 reasons to download Geometry Dash! Don’t wait …

Geometry Dash: Your First Steps


Of course. You do not want to be the only one among your friends who never played Geometry Dash. You are ready. You want to learn how to play Geometry Dash and become a successful player, don’t you? As we know that you want to enjoy this popular app as soon as possible, here you have an amazing tutorial to …

Geometry Dash